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Our History

Inspiration at Heathrow International Airport.

The name of this site is inspired by a sign that we saw at the end of our first vacation together. It appeared in a “fork in the road” within Heathrow Airport in London as we were headed for our departure flight back to the US. The message embodied our attitude towards traveling and became the theme of that and future vacations. When it comes to seeing the world, sometimes it really is best to put down your map and get wonderfully lost!

We aim to travel in a practical, cost-effective way while still experiencing everything that a new culture and destination has to offer. We hope that you will find our site useful and will continue to travel with us!

Our travel philosophy is to immerse ourselves in the culture as much as possible while still maintaining a reasonable budget. As young professionals, we have the luxury of having some dispensable cash while not having serious responsibilities outside of our work. We believe that the value of a vacation is truly the experiences we take home with us and not necessarily the opportunity to stay at the new, chic hotels. We have learned that sometimes the best Italian food is found in the tiny 6 table restaurant down the street from your hotel. The best views of a city could easily be seen on a pricey tour of the top floor of the tallest building….or over drinks shared at a lounge just one floor down at a fraction of the cost and without the rush of other tourists.

When planning vacations, we typically take care of the details ourselves. Though this involves some time investment on our part, we have found that taking this approach usually means less money spent and fewer surprises along the way. Unfortunately, and despite the plethora of travel websites available, we have found no central site that offers advice, recommendations, deals, and ideas specifically geared towards young professionals like ourselves. We hope that through our experiences, we will be able to provide some guidance and inspiration for young people (or the young at heart!) to explore this beautiful world to the fullest!

Author Profiles

As a couple, Justin and Jaime went on their first vacation in 2008 on a trip to London, Paris, and Barcelona. Since then, they have visited Romania, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey together; and in 2010, they will add South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia to the list. Independently, however, both Jaime and Justin have traveled extensively, visiting various parts of Asia, South America, Europe, the United States, and Australia.


I have been traveling since I was a toddler! Though I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, my upbringing was a melting pot of European and American traditions as my parents are originally from Romania. My parents have always encouraged me to explore the world and have made it a priority to show me the importance of appreciating and understanding other cultures and peoples.

So far, I have been to a variety of places in North America, South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Australia.I have been lucky enough to meet someone who shares my true passion for travel! Justin really takes me out of my shell and helps me to experience the world’s wonders in a completely new way.

In addition to my love of travel, I have a passion for art. I have been trained in the classical style in painting and drawing since I was a small child, which has laid the foundation for my new love of photography. Capturing the memories of our travels has become one of my favorite past times!


To me, travel is full of adventure. “Never resist the unexpected and turn down an invitation” – I will try anything once, and thrive on new experiences. Fortunately, as crazy as it may sound, I’ve met Jaime, who not only shares the same passion and desire for travel – she is proactive enough to turn a wine-induced thought of “we should go somewhere” into an enthusiastic “we are booked!”

Jaime and I have established two basic principles in traveling; 1) full disconnect from technology/work 2) cultural immersion. To me, each principle is equally as important as the other and further enriches the experience that traveling provides. Get off the tourist- congested thoroughfare and take that road less traveled: Enjoy a traditional meal at a local café where the recipes are centuries old, strike up a conversation with a stranger, enjoy your travels and learn through the experiences.

Where We’ve Been

J&J Travel Map, generated by TripAdvisor

Though we are located in Los Angeles, California, USA, you won’t have to wait too long before you find us somewhere else… even if it’s just a few miles outside of the city to enjoy some of the world’s best wine! Our travel map, generated by TripAdvisor, shows where we have been. Clearly, there’s lots left to explore…

Our Dream Destinations

Jaime: Before I leave this earth, there are a number of places that I hope to visit (and still haven’t!). This is by no means an exhaustive list, just my top destinations for now. For the beaches and tranquil landscape: Fiji, Bora Bora, St. Lucia, Zanzibar, the Maldives, Mauritius. For culture: Morocco, Tunisia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Egypt, India, Thailand. For adventure: New Zealand, Antarctica.

Justin: Given a plane ticket anywhere in the world, leaving right now and all expenses paid, where would you go? Ask a hundred people that question, and chances are you’ll receive a hundred different answers. After checking Alaska (the last frontier) off the list, my next dream destination is the polar opposite – Bora Bora, Tahiti – seclusion and serenity at its simplest form. I want a bamboo-bungalow, perched neatly above the ocean. There I will sit on a freshly sanded deck, sipping a cubre libre while enjoying the sun soaked lifestyle of island life. No television, no internet, no newspapers, no clocks, no noise. Simply, perfect.